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Reseller Newsletter 2021 Happy Holidays

THANK YOU RESELLERS FOR AN AMAZING YEAR From everyone here at Quantum Composers, we want to thank all of our partners and resellers for an amazing effort in 2021. We wish you and your families all our holiday blessings and a wish for a fruitful new year in 2022. Please also note that …

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Using Mass Spectroscopy to Ensure Product Quality in Botanical and Cannabis Products

The use of botanicals continues to rise, leading to increased demand for high yield, improved safety, and enhanced levels of purity through tight quality control procedures. Clear federal standards are lacking leaving start-ups, small businesses, and high-throughput labs to conduct pr …

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Detect Food Adulteration with Laser Ablation Laser Ionization

Mass Spectroscopy Techniques for Product Quality Assurance Across the Food Supply Chain Food manufacturers protect public health by ensuring food quality and safety throughout their processes. Not only does food contamination occur naturally and accidentally, but intentional food frau …

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