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The MiniJewel System is a compact, multiwavelength imaging system, powered by our MiniJewel laser, with a choice of wavelengths and modules for complete beam control. The fundamental output is 1064, with optional nonlinear modules for 1064/532, 532/355, or 532/266. 

MiniJewel systems are perfect for setting on top of microscopes; they are small, compact, and easy to customize. Build a system to suit your exact requirements, using the many modules and options available.

 System Features: Multi-wavelength systems, wavelength attenuation, fixed or adjustable polarization, beam blending, and camera port option

* Applications include microablation, machining, marking, and more.


MJS Spec1.png
MJS Spec2.png

MiniJewel Laser Application for
easy integration and use
of controlling the system via USB.

MJS SW.png

MiniJewel System

resting on a microscope

using our Smart Controller.

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