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Quantum Composers Photonics Instruments

Photonics, Lasers, Pulse Generators and Laser Photonics Products

Quantum Composers is an internationally recognized pioneer in the photonics marketplace with the design and development of precision pulse generators, current generators, custom and OEM electro-optics/instruments.

Current Product Lines


Pulse Delay Generator

Digital Delay Pulse Generators

Quantum Composers provides a wide range of pulse generator technology created to fit the needs of any budget and application. Our pulse generators provide a cost-effective method to create and synchronize multiple sequences, delayed triggering, or any precisely timed series of events.

Choice of:

3 Models or



Current Generators

High Current Pulse Generators

This is a line of high current pulsers and firesets specifically designed for pyrotechnic testing and other applications needing currents from 5-25amps. These units come with advanced safety features and options for key locking and high voltage channel output.

Choice of:

2 Models



Laser or Diode Driver Controllers

The Quantum Composers laser division features two series of solid- state diode pumped lasers, the Jewel DPSS Lasers and the MIR Mid-Infrared Lasers. These compact and rugged lasers will be used for a multitude of applications including ablation and spectroscopy.

Choice of:

3 Models

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