Jewel Laser Systems

Laser Micromachining Heads, Laser System

We offer a full line of complete laser micro-machining heads for semiconductor applications. These systems feature an integrated DPSS Jewel ND:YAG laser incorporated into a uni-body all-in-one form factor. They also have a robust mechanical and optical design for manufacturing and repair applications. Our three models of micromachining heads are diverse enough to adjust to a variety of applications including: ablation, semiconductor FA, TFT/LCD, CF and cell LCM, and OLED repair. 

System Features: Dual or Multi-Wavelength Systems, Independent or Dual Attenuation, Fixed or Adjustable Polarization, Beam Blending and Video Microscope Unit. Optional Items include turret, Z-Axis, energy meter and autofocus (on LS615) model.


MiniJewel Laser System

The MiniJewel System is a compact, multiwavelength
focus or imaging system with a choice of wavelength and modules for complete beam control, using our MiniJewel laser. The fundamental output is 1064, with optional
nonlinear modules for 1064/532, 532/355 or
355/266. This system has a rugged, sealed housing
for easy operations and maintenance.

MiniJewel systems are perfect for setting on top of microscopes, small, compact and easy to customize.

You can build a system to suit your needs, using the many modules and options available.

Applications include: Microablation, Machining, Marking and more.

Laser Micromachining Heads

LS615 Laser System

LS615 Laser System

Micromachining laser systems. 

LS615 Micromachining Heads

LS625 Laser System

Micromachining laser systems. 

LS635 Lasers Systems

LS635 Laser System

Micromachining laser systems. 


Quantum Composers is a leading manufacturer of Digital Delay Pulse Generators, Pulsed DPSS Lasers, Laser Systems and has a team of design engineers who specialize in custom and OEM development.


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