Laser Systems

Laser Micromachining Heads

Compact, all-in-one laser systems for semiconductor applications. The LS-635B and the MiniJewel laser system feature an integrated pulsed Nd:YAG laser for optimal performance. Both models offer flexibility in wavelength and configuration while delivering excellent beam quality, long lifetime, and ease of use.

Laser Systems for Precision Manufacturing

Use Quantum Composers' integrated laser systems for design validation, precision manufacturing, and repair applications such as:

  • Laser ablation
  • Semiconductor failure analysis
  • TFT/LCD repair
  • CF and cell laser capture 
    microdissection, LMD
  • OLED repair

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Laser Systems

Laser System Applications


Remove EPOXY

on surface by266nm


Remove RGB color filter 

and keep metalline by 266nm


Laser marking for NGD 

(likes INK function) by 532nm


Remove polyimide

passivation surface by 266nm