Photonics News

Federal Fiscal Year End Promotion from Quantum Composers

As the federal fiscal year comes to a close, we at Quantum Composers know how challenging this year in Photonics has been. Yet, despite the early COVID-19 related pause in business, many researchers have found unique and innovative ways to continue their projects. Federal funding is r …

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Photonics News Update: New Congressional Photonics Caucus

In the ever-changing tide of the post-COVID economy, the Photonics industry has seen major waves of both positive and negative effects. While there was an early halt in most production environments, many industrial and commercial businesses have reported rallying sales numbers in the …

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Selecting a Laser for Versatility: A Case Study in Equipping Accelerator Labs

Labs with start-up accelerators have recently become a key to growing companies and jobs and encouraging development in certain regions. Beyond business education and mentorship, access to specialty equipment in a shared lab can help to break down the barriers to research and testing …

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