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Government & Academic Programs
Quantum Composers has a rich history of working with engineers and scientists in academia, providing lasers and synchronizing hardware for demanding and complex experiments. We invite you to evaluate one of our products with a free 30-day demo.

For over 30 years, Quantum Composers has been a valued asset in research institutions and government agencies around the world. With a focus on providing test and measurement units to a broad range of applications, researchers choose Quantum Composers lasers, current pulsers, and digital delay generators for customizable, cost-effective, and reliable solutions.

Special Pricing
When you are ready to purchase, we offer a full 2-year warranty on all standard products and can offer 10% discounts to qualified institutions.

Application Paper Discounts
Please also email us if you are interested in the 15% discount for application submissions. You will be required to submit a small writeup on your work or describe the use of the instrument in your application or field in exchange for the reduced cost.
LIBS & Spectroscopy
The use of proper timing equipment is a factor in every major research study but can particularly enhance the efficacy in a LIBS system. We carry a broad line of precision pulse generators, lasers, and laser accessories designed with the spectroscopy application in mind. Our digital delay generators provide several different sets of timing pulses; each synchronized to one another. At just 3 inches long, our MicroJewel lasers are reliable, light-weight, and ideal for applications such as portable LIBS.This will allow you to sequence several lasers with a single detector via our multi-channel units. When you need readings from your laser plume/plasma to be exact, you can turn to Quantum Composers.

Quantum Composers provides high-quality instruments designed to incorporate into LIDAR and laser imaging systems. Timing is a variable in every LIDAR application and proper synchronization between the laser, light collection, and detector can greatly enhance the efficacy of a system and analysis result.
Quantum Composers also provides innovation and value to our customers with its diverse family of Precision Pulse Generators. Our synchronizers offer flexibility in both cost and performance to meet the requirements of any LIDAR experiment. We also offer custom system and component design from concept to production. Contact us today to learn how Quantum Composers can fulfill your laser or imaging system.

PIV & General Velocimetry Applications
In Laser Flow Diagnostic Techniques such as PIV, precise synchronization between the laser and the camera is critical for producing a high-quality data set. The Quantum Composers suite of high-specification pulse delay generators operates in timing steps of up to 5ps with low jitter and easy-to-program memory settings to ensure full control of your activation signals.

Our synchronizers can dictate the timing of each frame of the CCD camera's sequence in conjunction with the firing of the laser to within 5ps. Thus, the time between each pulse of the laser and the placement of the laser shot in reference to the camera's timing can be accurately controlled. By using a Quantum Composers Precision Pulse Generator, researchers can be sure that their applications and experiments maintain competitive levels of accuracy. Quantum Composers instruments also offer fine timing resolution, low jitter, flexible programming, and a full complement of computer interfaces (RS232, GPIB, USB, and Ethernet).
Ordering Lasers & Custom Units
Lasers and custom units are built upon request and require 12-16 weeks for build, processing, and shipping time. To request pricing or information on customization, OEM, or integration please email
Employment & Internships
Quantum Composers, a leading manufacturer of instrumentation and laser systems, does not have open positions at this time but is always accepting resumes to keep on file for qualified applicants in the science and engineering fields.

Send Resume to:

Or Send Via Postal Mail:
Quantum Composers
ATTN:Paula Carstensen
PO Box 4248
Bozeman, MT 59772
Quantum Composers is proud to offer industry leading warranties and comprehensive extended warranty programs for the digital delay and pulse generator lines. Customers may extend their standard warranty for up to three full years of coverage.


Standard Warranty
The standard warranty on all commercial instruments is 2 years of service and support.


QC Care Warranty*
The QC Care option extends the warranty to a total of 3 years and can be added at the time of purchase or at any point within 18 months of the original ship date.


QC Smart Care Warranty*
The QC Smart Care adds the same coverage of "QC Care" with the added feature of one calibration within the first 36 months, at no additional cost. This option may be added at the time of purchase only.


*Coverage is available in the US only. For international extended warranties or for full coverage details, please contact us.
Demos & Rentals
In-Lab Demo Units
Quantum Composers provides pulse generators and standard commercial instruments for a no-cost 30-day evaluation in your lab. During that time, we will be available to assist you with setup, programming, and integration to test the instrument within your system.
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Rent an Instrument
We are now offering a full rental program for the pulse and current delay generators. These units may be rented for a minimum of 3 months at 10% of the list price. Should you decide to purchase the instrument at a later date, a percentage of the payments can be applied toward the final sale amount.


For more information on these or other programs email us at
International Orders

Quantum Composers offers the convenience of directly shipping to most international countries. Foreign customers will be required to complete pre-payment via wire transfer and units must be shipped with an End User Statement as required by our government. We are happy to accommodate additional requirements and special arrangements whenever possible. If you have questions about your ordering needs please contact us.

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