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Laser Applications

Applications for DPSS Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers

Quantum Composers offers a diverse family of lasers, laser systems, and modules, including DPSS, Nd: YAG, and pulsed lasers. Our MiniJewel and MicroJewel lasers are now available in 2 different energy options to allow customers to tailor the laser to their specific applications. This article highlights the use of these solid-state lasers in a variety of research projects. 


Still not sure which laser is the right fit for your application? Contact an Engineer to discuss your lab's unique needs.



To spotlight a few:

Materials Science

This rapid chemical analysis technology utilizes short laser pulses to create high-temperature plasma on the surface of a sample, which emits light with discrete spectral peaks that are then analyzed to reveal composition. Laser ablation spark induced breakdown spectroscopy (LA-SIBS) offers advantages in materials science, such as sample prep-free measurement, fast measurement (typically in seconds), and broad element coverage.


Our compact Jewel and MiniJewel lasers are ideal sources for small desktop and portable LIBS applications. They provide a nice balance of energy, rep rates and size in a range of wavelengths from UV to IR.  High precision timing is required between the laser pulse and the spectrophotometer to optimize the signal. Quantum Composers also provides a complete line of high precision multi-channel pulse generators suitable for LIBS applications.

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Laser Ablation

In Ablation studies, a laser is used to precisely extricate material from a solid without damaging the sample. Laser ablation is the thermal or nonthermal process of removing particles from a solid by irradiating it with a continuous wave or a pulsed laser beam. This process is often used for drilling extremely small holes through hard elements, producing thin films or nanoparticles, and preparing material surfaces in micro- and nano-controlled settings.

The MiniJewel and Jewel based micromachining systems provide complete control of the wavelength, energy, and spot size. This allows precise control of the ablation process and the ability to optimize the process for different materials and applications. While laser ablation has a broad range of applications in research, it has proven value in production, as well as ophthalmic and dental lasers. A discussion of your process window parameters can help us to recommend one of our lasers or laser micromachining systems for the best results.

The CNC laser cut machine while cutting

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

PIV is an optical measuring technique frequently used in education and research where the velocity field of a region within the flow is illuminated and measured simultaneously. Light scattering particles are added to the flow, while a laser beam is formed into a light sheet illuminating the particles. PIV imaging devices then translate a series of precisely timed images into quantitative flow field data and yield a dynamic 3-dimensional map of the behavior being studied. 


The Quantum Composers line of multi-channel, high-precision pulse generators can provide all of the timing signals for the cameras and lasers.  While many systems require high power lasers for small volumes a small, compact laser is ideal. Quantum Composers’ MicroJewel is a popular fit for portable PIV research applications, while the Jewel is a versatile and higher-powered laser for a broad range of PIV experiments.


Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)

The remote sensing method of LIDAR incorporates illuminating a target with a laser and measuring the reflection with advanced sensor arrays to measure distance and create spatial maps. In most LIDAR applications, precision pulsed lasers are used due to their timing resolution and higher power. LIDAR with this grade of laser is often found in travel, geology, seismology, remote sensing, and atmospheric physics.


Quantum Composers customers often may choose from Custom and OEM laser systems, DPSS lasers, or Digital Delay Pulse Generators. You can learn more about Quantum Composers LIDAR lasers and systems in this paper on measuring environmental conditions.

For new research applications and unique projects, we also offer fully custom design of both systems and individual instruments. To learn more customers can email our engineers.

Drone flying and mapping wheat field in

Materials Science Research


Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)


Laser Ablation


Laser Radar & LIDAR Studies

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