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Lasers in Research Applications for Oceanographic Monitoring

Applications for laser-driven monitoring systems in oceanographic research and those related to airborne and land-based capabilities are divided by the unique need when working on the shore, in the ocean, and the subsea. These include blue light lasers which have created advanced opti …

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Student Researchers Aim at Developing Low-Cost, Portable LiDAR System

Photo of: Past MSU Students in Lasers and Optics Research Last year, a group of Montana State University students stumbled upon the need for a portable, low-cost LiDAR system for educational purposes. The Optical Remote Sensor Laboratory (ORSL) at MSU seeks to educate others on imagin …

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New Laser Photonics Applications

While recent changes to US economics has created delays and deficits in many industries, photonics researchers proudly continue to innovate. In the past few years, more compact and stable lasers have created waves of progress in smaller or portable systems. Quantum Composers has been …

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