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Ensuring Data Integrity through Precise Synchronization in Particle Image Velocimetry Applications

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is a non-invasive optical measuring technique for measuring flow across fields. In this field, procuring precise synchronization between instruments is key to ensuring the accuracy of the data generated from these complex flow field investigations. From understanding sneeze droplet patterns in COVID research to the flow of people in high-density areas, PIV research is an important tool in biomedical and life sciences. Properly coordinating the light source, detection instrument, and data collection device makes all the difference in obtaining high quality and repeatable results.

Laser Selection

Typically, a PIV setup may consist of a CMOS or other high-speed camera, a high power multi-pulsed laser such as an Nd: YAG, and light sheet optics. Determining the appropriate laser depends on the power and portability needed for the experiment. Portable PIV is possible with compact lasers like the MicroJewel DPSS Laser, allowing the researcher to bring the device to the sample. This low power consumption instrument is a good fit for solar or battery-operated portable laser systems. For projects that require higher power, the Jewel, rated for 20mJ operation at 1064nm, currently demonstrates reliable performance at 2x the energy, making the Jewel family of DPSS lasers a suitable fit for a broad range of PIV research applications.

Timing and Synchronization

A system synchronizer is used in PIV to coordinate the timing between the laser and the camera. Precise control of this timing is critical to the accuracy of the data and the PIV experiment. The 9520 digital delay pulse generator synchronizes multiple pulses and triggers providing for flexibility in the complexity of various experiments. At a glance, it features:

  • 250ps Timing

  • <50ps Jitter

  • 2, 4, or 8 Outputs

  • Modular Output Options

Today’s applications demand that timing and synchronicity are accurate and precisely controllable. Quantum Composers provides synchronizers with extremely precise control and activation signals to meet the demands of any spectroscopy application. Our pulse generators provide a cost-effective method to create and synchronize multiple sequences, delayed triggering, or any precisely timed series of events. When paired with the Jewel DPSS laser, researchers can ensure that their applications and experiments deliver the ultimate in data quality.

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