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9520 Series 

Digital Delay Pulse Generator

The model 9520 series heightens the capabilities of pulse generation and digital delay to new levels. Cost effective, yet extremely capable, this instrument provides solutions to generate and synchronize multiple pulses and triggers for a wide variety of applications from simple to complex. The 9520 series has the unique capability of offering differing rates for all the channels using new clock-divider functions, and provides up to eight independent digitally controlled channels with width, delay, rate, and amplitude control on
each output.



  • Channels: 2, 4 or 8 Independent Channel Outputs

  • Resolution: 250ps

  • Accuracy: 1 ns + .0001 x setpoint

  • Jitter: < 50 ps

  • Memory: 12 Storage Slots

  • Comm Ports: USB, Ethernet, RS232, GPIB

Service Features 
  • Rentals: Rental Instruments Available
  • Demo: 30 Day Demo Period
  • Warranty: Full 2 Year Warranty
  • Service: Integration Assistance, Full Customer Support.
9520 Pulse Delay Generator
9520 Delay Generator
9520 Pulse Delay Generator
9520 Modular Pulse Generators
9520 Delay Generator

  250ps Timing

 <50ps Jitter

  2, 4, or 8 Outputs

  Modular Output Options

*Customization & OEM Available
Copy of 9420_Standard_pulse_generator.png

9520 Series Delay Generator Interactive View

9520 Options

Channel Outputs (Sets of 2)

(AT20) Standard

(L82) 820nm Optical 

(L130) 1300nm Optical

(AT35) 35V High Voltage

(AT45) 45V High Voltage

(TZ50) 50Ohm impedance 

(TZ35) 50Ohm + 35V 

Channel Inputs

(IL82) 820nm Optical 

(IL130)1300nm Optical

Other Options

(I) Incrementing

(COM) Adds ethernet & GPIB

(DT15) Adds additional trigger/gate 

Available in 2, 4, or 8 channels with channel options.
Trigger/Gate-Trigger with optional trigger/gate
Timing-250ps Timing Resolution.
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