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COVID-19 Spread Study Utilizes Quantum Composers Pulse Delay Generator

Quantum Composers offers a full series of digital delay pulse generators that can help to create precision timing and synchronization of systems. Many of these units are instrumental in acquiring imaging or laser triggering in the nanosecond or picosecond range. This can be critical for research that needs to capture a series of moments in time with advanced start stop cycles and exact spacing of the image capture.

In a recent study by Texas A&M University, a Quantum Composers Pulse Delay Generator was used to help photograph and map nasal spray patterns during an active sneeze. Tracking the exact trajectory of droplets through use of high speed imaging can create maps of the possible spread patterns and transmission areas. This information then allows the CDC and other health agencies to better inform the public as to how to best prevent the spread of the virus.

The Texas A&M Study Details