• Quantum Composers Inc.

Latest 9730 Series Programmable Current Generator is USCAR-28 and AK-LV-16 Compliant

Quantum Composers, Inc. has released the latest version of the 9730 Series Programmable Current Generator. As our most capable current generator, the 9730 series provides users with the ability to generate complex current waveforms and generate 6 amps of high precision current pulses. Designed specifically to meet the advanced safety test requirements of USCAR-28 and AK-LV-16 for testing pyrotechnical systems, airbag systems, and electric igniters.

9730 Features:

  • Multi-channel capability (2 or 4 channels) 

  • A USCAR Option: 8 segment pulse definitions allow complex waveforms with different current amplitude steps and ramps.

  • Output modes in single pulse burst 

  • 6 amps of high precision current pulses  

  • Advanced safety features including remote interlock, removable keyed enable switch and internal error checking.