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9730 Series

High Current Delay Generator

Our most capable current generator, the 9730 series provides users with the ability to generate highly precise current pulses.  Specifically designed to meet the test requirements of USCAR-28 and AK-LV-16 for testing pyrotechnical systems, airbag systems and electric igniters. Advanced safety features provide reliable and robust performance.



  • 100 ns Timing Resolution

  • Channels: 2 or 4 Channel Outputs

  • Amperage: 6 amps per channel

  • Standard Square Current Pulse Waveforms

  • Advanced Programmable Current Functions

  • Sawtooth & Complex Combinations

  • Integrated Precision Resistance Measurement

  • Easy Programming Interface

  • Safety: TTL Sync output to To Safety Interlock

  • Memory: 12 Storage Slots

  • Comm Ports: USB, Ethernet, RS232

  • Meets all of the requirements of USCAR-28 and AK-LV-16.


NEW FEATURE (Optional) 
​Rupture Detection (quench) feature that is designed to monitor the output voltage and current applied to the load and respond when the circuit has been ruptured (open). This feature is used when it is undesirable to continue applying a voltage/current to the load when the load has opened. The feature will disable the outputs before the set current pulse width is completed. The feature utilizes independent voltage and current circuits that can be used individually or logically OR’d together to disable the output in the event that a ruptured circuit is detected.
The rupture detection uses three optional methods to determine when the load has opened:
  • Voltage Monitor – Detects a rapid increase in the drive voltage as the result of the control loop trying to maintain current flow into an open circuit. This is most sensitive in low current situations.
  • Current Monitor – Detects a rapid decrease in the current flow due to an open circuit. This is most sensitive in high current situations.
  • Voltage/Current Mode – Monitoring both voltage and current is the default operating mode as it provides good detection sensitivity across all current levels.
9730 Current Generators
9730 High Current Delay Generators
9730 Current Pulsers
9730 Current Generator

 Up to 6 Amps

 100ns Timing

  2 or 4 Outputs

 USCAR-28 and AK-LV-16

*Customization & OEM Available
Service Features 
  • Rental/Demo: Rental & Demo Available 
  • Warranty: Full 2 Year Warranty
  • Service: Integration Assistance, Full Customer Support.
  • Optional: Ethernet 

9730 Series Interactive View

Copy of 9730-standard-current-delay-generator.png
Channels- 2 or 4 Fully Independent Channels
Advanced Safety- TTL Sync output to To Safety Interlock
Energy- Up to 6amps
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