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Quantum Composers: Helping You Get Smarter Every Day

One of YouTube’s most influential science minds is constantly pushing his viewers to think outside the box by creating videos that demonstrate how and why everyday objects and processes work. Smarter Every Day’s host and creator Destin Sandlin has been creating these videos urging people to learn something new for over 12 years.

Sandlin, a rocket engineer from Alabama created his first video, “How To light a Bonfire with Rockets” and immediately went viral. He originally made the video because he thought his friends would find it interesting, but thousands of others felt the same. With so many people enjoying his video, he decided to keep filming them. According to his website he had three goals in mind:

  1. Get Smarter Every Day myself. I explore the world every day.

  2. Share what I learn with the world. I want people to see the world differently.

  3. Educate my children by securing their college fund.