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Quantum Composers: Helping You Get Smarter Every Day

One of YouTube’s most influential science minds is constantly pushing his viewers to think outside the box by creating videos that demonstrate how and why everyday objects and processes work. Smarter Every Day’s host and creator Destin Sandlin has been creating these videos urging people to learn something new for over 12 years.

Sandlin, a rocket engineer from Alabama created his first video, “How To light a Bonfire with Rockets” and immediately went viral. He originally made the video because he thought his friends would find it interesting, but thousands of others felt the same. With so many people enjoying his video, he decided to keep filming them. According to his website he had three goals in mind:

  1. Get Smarter Every Day myself. I explore the world every day.

  2. Share what I learn with the world. I want people to see the world differently.

  3. Educate my children by securing their college fund.

With over 7.3 million YouTube subscribers, Sandlin seems to be achieving his goals. Whether it be How Hard Can You Hit A Golf Ball, or How do Chameleon Tongues work? Sandlin uses his slow-motion camera to: “explore the world using science. That’s pretty much all there is to it.”

In his video, DIY High Speed Video Camera – Muybridge Style, Sandlin uses our 9520 Series Pulse Generator to trigger his high speed camera to capture the bullet path. Finding inspiration from an 1872 experiment questioning when a horse runs, are all four of its hooves off the ground at any point in transit. Unlike Eadweard Muybridge setting up a series of cameras back in the 1800’s, Sandlin utilizes his pulse generator’s ability to trigger his camera at a controlled rate to create a series of high-speed images to be put together in a video. Just like Muybridge originally did, but only using a single camera.

It is interesting to see how far Sadlin has come since his 5th video featuring our pulse generator. Although his viewers and subscribers have exponentially increased, Sadlin’s love for learning and eagerness to teach has remained the same. He has expanded his reach from YouTube to podcasts and a subreddit, where he continues to teach his listeners about everyday science. “Watch two videos. If you learn something awesome, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel” he says.

Learn something new yourself by checking out the Smarter Every Day YouTube channel for a wide range of entertaining and educational videos. If you want to learn more about our Pulse Generator used in Smarter Every Day, visit our website or talk with one of our experienced sales reps!

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