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Tips for Maximizing Your Time Out of the Lab During the Covid-19 Quarantine

In an effort to stay safe during COVID-19, all teams are doing their best to limit time onsite. As researchers who normally work in a lab setting, this can be difficult and even stall your important research projects. Our team has created a quick list of ways to help you and your team stay productive outside of the lab.

Get organized:

Stay productive at home by getting organized and planning your next program. Take this time to outline a plan and make the list of resources you will need to help your team have an efficient project kickoff when you’re back in the lab. Check out our latest blog for more tips on ways to maximize your time of the lab:

Research Grants & Write your applications:

Researching new grants and submitting grant applications can be a lengthy process. Now is a perfect time to get writing with minimal distractions. For grant writing and researching resources, as well more suggestions to keep you busy while out of the lab, visit our blog: