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Selecting a Laser for Versatility: A Case Study in Equipping Accelerator Labs

Labs with start-up accelerators have recently become a key to growing companies and jobs and encouraging development in certain regions. Beyond business education and mentorship, access to specialty equipment in a shared lab can help to break down the barriers to research and testing and help get new products to market faster. However, a limitation for lab managers and researchers alike is funding. Every dollar counts: to meet the requirements of multiple companies, lab managers must select equipment that is versatile, compact, intuitive, and affordable.

A plausible option being explored by labs is a versatile, compact laser like Quantum Composers’ MiniJewel Nd:YAG DPSS laser. These lasers are light, easy to set up, and have low energy source requirements which will meet the immediate needs of a start-up conducting experiments such as LIBS, while anticipating being able to be integrated into new projects for future cohorts.

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