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PIV & Pulse Generators: Novel Applications in Particle Image Velocimetry

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), is an optical research tool used to study fluid dynamics through the visualization of 3D flow fields. It is commonly used by research labs across government, academic, and commercial sectors to discover how particles flow in and around a system or field of liquid or gas. Its applications run far and wide as researchers look for insights into particle behaviors in 3D and beyond the traditional planar data sets.

PIV measures the velocity field of a region when the flow is illuminated and measured simultaneously. Light scattering particles are added to the flow, while a laser beam is formed into a light sheet illuminating the particles. PIV imaging devices then translate a series of precisely timed images into quantitative flow field data which yields a dynamic 3-dimensional map of the subject area. While the concept behind the experiments remains consistent, PIV researchers continue to find new and different applications that expand existing knowledge and breeds scientific innovation.

Jet Flow Studies: Planes, Trains, and Turbines

Researchers and engineers use PIV when studying th