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Photonics Changes in the COVID Pandemic

While not every company has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, many found themselves struggling to find a foothold within a changing photonics landscape. Many companies report that production is at 50% or lower and staffing changes created unique dilemmas to address. Despite the potential for setbacks, the industry overall has pooled together with governmental resources to create a new standard of business that meets the needs of the companies and the buyers. Here are a few highlights of the kinds of things we can come to expect in the new laser and optics marketplace.

COVID Changes

Overall the industry is moving steadily on with many companiesnow settling into a smooth adjustment with a few new tricks. Apps like this one from proximity allows workers to know that they are safely social distancing within a moving production facility. To help keep a finger on the pulse of recent changes, SPIE is issuing regular updates on the economic impacts and innovations companies are making to keep moving foward. is also publishing a weekly Covid roundup of information and new related tech in the industry.

Photonics Industry Boosts

The EU Industry Proposal site has offered new grant based funding for medical tech