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Calibration for your Pulse or Current Generator

Why calibrate?

Calibration ensures that instrument drift is minimized, even our high quality instruments can drift over time and degrade their ability to provide accurate measurements.

What you get in a calibration

  • Calibration of unit, verify falls within specs

  • Go over entire unit to be sure working properly

  • Upgrade firmware and hardware to the most current revision

  • Add options, Dual Trigger, High Voltage, Optical Outputs, Communications, and more*

* Unit upgrades depend upon model, so contact us for a cost quote if you would like to add any of our options.


Special Pricing Now through October 31, 2020

9522 9524 9528 9422 9424 9428

Calibration $170 $200 $325 $175 $205 $325

Cal w/ Data $310 $340 $450 $315 $345 $450