• Quantum Composers Inc.

Applications in Lasers: Advanced Photolithography with Cymer

Quantum Composers is a manufacturer and designer of Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers in Bozeman Montana. In efforts to get in touch with the needs of their clientele, they often conduct a series of interviews with key customers. This article is the information provided by partner Cymer working with digital delay pulse generators. Cymer is a California based company working with light source technology which is used by chipmakers to pattern advanced semiconductor chips or integrated circuits.

Cymer is a highly innovative manufacturer of deep-ultraviolet (DUV) light sources for light generation in photolithography scanners used to image patterns on silicon wafers. Their team has partnered with Quantum Composers over the last 20 years to push the boundaries of current technical capabilities in the silicon wafer and laser market.

In this interview, we sat down with Matt Lake, Director of Test Engineering, who has been with the Cymer team for 22 years. He explains the unique value Quantum Composers brings to their partnership.


What has been your experience working with Quantum Composers over the years?