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New Laser Ablation Applications Fuel Growth in the Market

The laser ablation systems market is expanding with a 5.8 percent growth rate forecast through 2025. This growth includes a rise in demand for laser ablation equipment for laboratory and research testing, due to the improved accuracy and precision these systems provide. Manufacturers are also adopting these technologies, which provides new market opportunities for laser ablation systems. This blog post summarizes some of the most promising applications that are fueling growth in the laser ablation system market.

Plant research

Traditionally, plant researchers have had to perform laborious cutting of ultra-thin specimens, however laser ablation tomography is a new technology which speeds the analysis of specimens for biology and materials science. In this process, the surface of the specimen is ablated and subsequently imaged, and the process repeats. This allows scientists to image thousands of slices of the specimen, enabling a digital reconstruction of the specimen which highlights further their structure, composition, and chemistry.

Mining ores and elemental extract research

The analysis of mineral