• Erin L. Prieskorn

Pulse Generator Applications

Pulse Generators are used as delay or timing instruments in a wide range of applications and projects. This new spotlight features a few papers by our loyal customers where our products were used in some amazing research! Congratulations to all these teams on publishing their incredible projects and we solute all the scientists, engineers, and researchers out there doing such excellent work every day.

Application: Fully Immersive Virtual Reality

Researchers: JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, Matthew Wright, Graham Wakefield, Charlie Roberts, Dennis Adderton, Behzad Sajadiy,Tobias H¨ollerer, Aditi Majumdery at AlloSphere Research Group and Media Arts Technology Program, University of California

Title: Immersive Full-Surround Multi-User System Design

Instrument: 9600+ Series Digital Delay Pulse Generators