• Quantum Composers Inc.


Laser Systems Tailored To Your Application

Quantum Composers understands that one laser will not fit all micromachining applications so we created a full line of Diode Pumped Solid State lasers to match your unique application and system. Our lasers offer the precision and reliability you need to assure a high quality end product with minimal downtime.

Quantum Composers has been producing laser systems for micromachining for decades, we now manufacture those same great systems with our own DPSS Jewel laser giving you clean and uniform cuts at cost you can afford. With three different system configurations we give you flexibility, from different wavelengths, attenuation, power modes and more. Each system comes with a custom graphic user interface that allows you to pick wavelength, energy, firing mode, frequency, aperture size and slit backlight level. These systems will allow you quick integration into your systems, whether it be on a gantry or for manual repair.