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Win a Spectrolite Blue Laser

Newly announced at the 2020 Photonics West tradeshow in San Francisco, Quantum Composers will be giving away one Spectrolite blue laser valued at over $14,000. Quantum Composers is a long time producer of pulse generators, DPSS lasers, and laser technology in Bozeman Montana. The group announced that they are seeking new and novel applications for a brand new ultra compact laser. The laser was originally developed as part of the internationally famed Xprize Shell Ocean Discovery Project, which made it through to the finals. The laser was utilized as part of an autonomous LIDAR module capable of oceanic mapping.

The company will be taking applications over the next few months in the first phase of their contest. All types of applications and projects will be considered as well as novel ideas and proposals. In the second phase, a small selection of finalists will be given the opportunity to draft a short entry that describes how they would use the laser and why their lab deserves to win. A single winner will be selected from the finalists to receive the laser kit.

Laser Specs:

  • 1µJ to 100µJ

  • 1 kHz to 500kHz Rep rate

  • 4 ns Pulsewidth

  • 946nm/473n, or 1064nm/532nm/355nm/266nm

While the contest has ended, we're available to talk through your specific laser needs. Check out our line of lasers, explore laser customizations, and get in touch.