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Quantum Composers Hosts MSU Photonics Students

Quantum Composers is a laser design and manufacturing company located in Bozeman Montana. Also nestled into the beautiful mountain community is the esteemed Montana State University campus which has a bustling student body. Among the top programs at the university is the engineering and sciences division with its own laser and electrical engineering faculty. The creation of which was due in part to the hotbed of local photonics companies that have made there home in the town. Bigger companies like Quantel and FLIR join with smaller design firms like Bridger Photonics and Quantum Composers to produce some of the top lasers and optics in the country. Students of the University benefit from the local activity by conducting site visits, listening to keynotes by CEOs and engineers and engaging in internships at these companies.

Last week some of the students from MSU were invited to Quantum Composers to view the laser labs and engage in some Q&A with key developers. CEO Steve Birrell was also on hand to answer questions and give some introductory information and career guidance. Quantum Composers has had a long standing relationship with the MSU photonics and optics department and seeks to engage with students on many levels.