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New Laser Photonics Applications

While recent changes to US economics has created delays and deficits in many industries, photonics researchers proudly continue to innovate. In the past few years, more compact and stable lasers have created waves of progress in smaller or portable systems. Quantum Composers has been a proud contributor to the laser photonics marketplace for over 25 years and actively supports academic and federal research projects.

The new QC laser applications page features some of these projects within the fields of PIV, LIBS, Ablation, and Materials Science.


The page highlights some amazing progress in the field of compact lasers from the mapping of cirrus clouds through LIDAR to using ablation to study the gastrulation of sea urchins.

About Us:

QC currently offers a diverse family of lasers, laser systems, and modules, including DPSS, Nd: YAG, and pulsed lasers. Our MiniJewel and MicroJewel lasers are now available in 2 different energy options to allow customers to tailor the laser to their specific applications. This article highlights the use of these solid-state lasers in a variety of research projects.

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