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Micromachining Head Systems

The History: From CEO Steve Birrell

Quantum Composers has a long history in custom and OEM design for specific laser systems. Three years after the sale of our first laser micro-machining system for LCD repair, we connected with a company that required a similar type of system doing LCD panel repair. This led our team to design a new system which is still being produced today. This project now has Quantum Composers looking into the next generation of display technology, microLED repair.

We couldn’t find a laser that fit the needed requirements, so our team designed two lasers with the same hardware approach. We have two lasers: one that's based on an electrical optic q-switch for higher power and higher rep rate, and the other is based on a passive q-switch which is smaller and less expensive. Both of these are used in our micro machining systems. One of the spin offs from our laser system work is that the components inside each have independent controllers so they can be run on their own, allowing for easy system configuration.

Current Micro-Machining Systems:

Quantum Composers now offers several micromachining head systems that were designed for semiconductor and other applications. They are rugged, versatile, lightweight, and compact. These feature the Jewel Nd:YAG pumped lasers and have also been used for ablation, semiconductor FA, TFT/LCD, CF and cell LCM, and OLED repair.