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Troubleshooting - Restoring Default Settings

In this video we will be showing the end-user how they can restore the default setting on most of our pulse generators, the 9520, 9530, 9420 and 9200 can all be done. In the 9520, 9530 and 9420 it will be done via the front panel, with the 9200 and 9250 it will be shown via our included software.

This is a beneficial article to have, many users have contacted Quantum Composers stating the unit is not functioning properly, or they are not getting the pulses they expected. This can happen on occasion when users have changed settings or have settings that are in conflict. In some cases it is where another user have setting set that are not what the current user needs. This is one of the first steps we do before we have units sent back to Quantum Composers, resulting in an easy fix where there is no need to send the unit in for repair. It is a simple solution any user familiar with the unit can do. Alternately you can use a SCPI command to reset the defaults, by using the command *RCL 0.

If this does not solve your problem, and you continue to have issue getting pulses out of your unit please contact us at Check out our YouTube channel for other troubleshooting videos led by our team of specialized engineers.

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