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Using the WAIT function to delay start for additional channels

In our most recent video on pulse generator functions from Quantum Composers, we demonstrate the use of the WAIT function that can be used in any of our digital delay pulse generators.

The WAIT function is a channel function that allows individual channel pulses to be delayed from starting relative to the other channels. In continuous or burst mode this function acts as a delayed start. An example would be, if a laser needs to warm-up by firing the pump diodes prior to allowing the generation of laser pulses by firing the Qswitch. Enabling the WAIT function for the Qswitch channel would allow the Qswitch start to be delayed relative to the diode pulses as many pulses as necessary. In duty cycle mode the WAIT function can be used to generate a phase shift between channels that is repeated during each ON cycle.

The WAIT function on our series of pulse generator ranges from 0 – 1,000,000 pulses, allowing you to select how many T0 pulses to wait until the channel outputs its first pulse.

This video shows how to enable and use the WAIT function, how the WAIT function interacts with the different system and channel modes, including when using the external gate.

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