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Video: Pre-testing the 9730 Series Current Generator

Before operating any of our generators, it’s always important to make sure they are working properly. At Quantum Composers, we manufacture and supply pulse and current generators to customers and industries across the globe. With over 20 years in market, our generators have a reputation for reliability and durability. Our Pulse Generators are ideal for creating and synchronizing multiple sequences. A pulse generator is a voltage device that outputs a set voltage at a desired duration. These pulse generators are typically used to trigger another device.

Our Current Generators at Quantum Composers are designed for use in the automotive and pyrotechnic industries. A current generator outputs a set current pulse at a desired duration.Current generators are generally used to test airbag squibs, pyrotechnics, or LEDs and laser diodes. These devices require a specific amount of current to operate correctly or initiate a response. Some of these applications can be extremely dangerous, so it is always important to run pretests to ensure your generator is working properly. One of our engineers created an easy to follow video which describes step-by-step how to set up and perform a pre-test resistance test on our 9730 Series Current Generator.

In the video, we display how to correctly setup the pretest and describe the common error when a pretest has not been successfully completed. This is a must-watch if you are working with our Current Generators. Remember to always be vigilant in pre-testing and general care and upkeep of your equipment. This will ensure longer life of the product and a safer experience.

Check out our YouTube Channel to learn more about Quantum Composers, and technical videos for those who own our Pulse Generators. We will continue adding videos to our channel for a variety of our products.

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