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New! MiniJewel DPSS Nd:YAG Pulsed Lasers Now Available

We at Quantum Composers, are proud to announce the much anticipated release of our new MiniJewel Laser Series which includes a commercial paired laser and laser system as well as options for customized and OEM versions.

Starting this week, the MiniJewel Lasers are now available for order. This innovative compact laser has a small footprint (6.5”x3.75”x1.4”), weighs less than 3lbs, and is easily customizable. This will allow seamless integration for portable systems such as LIBS, PIV, Ablation, Marking, Micromachining and a wide range of scientific, industrial and other applications.

The MiniJewel is a pulsed diode pumped solid state Nd:YAG laser that delivers 7.5mJ of energy at 1064nm with rep rates as high as 50Hz. It is a pulsed, conductively cooled, multimode laser. It also comes with an optional built-in attenuator and simple software to control energy, firing mode, and frequency which can be utilized within our MiniJewel laser system or custom OEM designed systems.

The MiniJewel system may be pre-ordered now and has an energy of 4mJ at its fundamental output of 1064nm and can be supplemented with optional nonlinear modules for 1064/532nm, 532/355nm or 355/266nm. The laser systems compact size, 140mm x 87mm x 233mm, is ideal for mounting to microscopes. Module options include an X-Y aperture, polarization rotator, camera ports, and a stand-alone smart controller.