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Lasers &Timing in PIV Applications

In Laser Flow Diagnostics Techniques such as in PIV, the synchronization between the laser and the camera is critical for precise and quality data. Quantum Composers provides Synchronizers for PIV needed to guarantee accurate synchronization of system components by providing extremely precise control and activation signals.

The importance of Synchronizers in PIV Research

The Synchronizer acts as an external trigger for both the camera and the laser. In the past, analogue systems in the form of a photosensor, rotating aperture and a light source have been used but most systems in use today are digital.

Controlled by a computer, our synchronizers can dictate the timing of each frame of the CCD camera's sequence in conjunction with the filming of the laser to within 250ps .Thus the time between each pulse of the laser and the placement of the laser shot in reference to the camera's timing can be accurately controlled. Knowledge of this timing is critical as it is needed to determine the velocity of the fluid in the PIV analysis.

Today, with PIV research becoming more and more demanding, it is critical that timing and synchronicity are both accurate and precisely controllable. By using a Quantum Composers Precision Pulse Generator, researchers can be sure that their applications and experiments maintain competitive levels of jitter, flexible programming, and a full complement of computer interfaces (RS232, GPIB, USB, and Ethernet).

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