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Compact Pulse Generators in Research Applications

Researchers Utilize the New Emerald and Sapphire Compact Pulse Delay Generators in Laboratory Studies

Quantum Composers, Bozeman Montana, a manufacturer of digital delay generator and laser system technology has released a series of low cost, compact, precision pulse generators. The Emerald and Sapphire pulse generators are a move towards a more cost effective and streamlined instrument to create a solution for labs and academic clients to achieve more system flexibility. The lines have a full range of products so that scientists can select whether they need a simple synchronizer at a very low cost or a high precision unit with up to 5ps timing resolution, low jitter and high end specifications.

Another benefit of these units is the saved storage memory, full range of modes, and remote access. No longer will researchers have to enter the experiments clean field to setup and run the units, but they can now program the instruments wirelessly with the Bluetooth networking option. Quantum Composers has also developed and included a graphical custom user interface so that the units can be easily controlled on any computer or connected device.

The increase in features and decrease in cost has sparked a whole new level of interest for universities, government investigators, and other labs engaged in experimental research. New applications have sprung up and the units are being integrated into an extraordinarily wide variety of laser systems and controlled environments. From applied physics to chemistry to medical applications and even specimen ID, with the versatility of these new units, the applications are endless.

For example, the National Institute of Metrology in Brazil recently published a study utilizing the Sapphire 9212 pulse generator to discriminate the difference between authentic and non-authentic tax stamps on liquor bottles.

Another interesting study was conducted at Stanford University where scientists used a Sapphire Delay generator to study the flow of red blood cells and other similarly sized particles through an artificially created vessel.

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