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Instruments for LIBS Applications

The use of proper timing equipment is a factor in every major research study but can particularly enhance the efficacy in a LIBS system. We carry a broad line of precision pulse generators, lasers, and laser accessories designed with spectroscopy applications in mind.

Our digital delay generators will provide several different sets of timing pulse; each synchronized to one another. This will allow you to sequence several lasers with a single detector via our multi-channel units. Visit our Product Page to view our various lines of pulse generators and we can help your decide which will better suit your needs.

LIBS Researchers in Academia and Government Labs: Quantum Composers takes pride in a rich history of working with engineers and scientists in academia around the world, synchronizing hardware for demanding and complex experiments. For our Pulse Generator Line we offer a full 2 year warranty, integration, setup and customer support as well as free in lab 30 day demos. Academic and government customers may also be eligible for a 10% discount on timing instruments.

Accurate and precise LIBS analysis depends on several technical factors, including: selection of the correct laser wavelength, excellent instrument automation that ensures the consistency of the laser ablation, and appropriate sampling protocols, especially for spatially in-homogeneous samples. One of the most important considerations, though, is the ability to precisely control and flexibly alter the timing between the laser firing and the triggering of the spectrometer – because laser ablation creates a very transient plasma in which different excited species may be available at different time intervals. Optimizing this timing parameter is the first crucial step for meaningful LIBS analysis.

At Applied Spectra, we’ve perfected these techniques. We deliver LIBS solutions such as our RT100 series devices that can be configured with the 9520 series Digital Delay Generator from Quantum Composers to suit your elemental analysis needs.

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