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Over 20 years ago leaders at Quantum Composers started out with a goal to find an affordable solution for laboratories that need precise system timing and synchronization without the investment of endless man hours. From this goal they came out with some of the very best in industry delay and pulse generators that have evolved over the passing decades into the feature rich line of instruments offered today. Whether the customer is a small lab that needs a simple, cost effective, timing device or is running high speed picosecond systems that need low jitter and complicated run settings there is an instrument specially designed for your needs.

Today we will take a look at some of the instruments in the Quantum Composers Pulse Generator line and see how they serve unique industries and applications.

The Sapphire Series: Low Cost, Small Form Factor for Simple Setups

At just 7.125” x 5.1” x 1.5” this is one of the smallest units available, but you will not be disappointed in its performance, features, or programmability. The sapphire offers 2 or 4 independent channel outputs, 10ns timing steps and less than 500ps jitter. This unit, powered by USB makes it versatile and free from cords. This instrument also has wireless capabilities (optional) via Bluetooth allowing you to communicate without USB.

The Emerald Series: Precision, Small Form Factor & Advanced Specifications

The Emerald 9250 is the newest in our line of Digital Delay Pulse Generators. This unit will come standard with a 280 ppb TCXO oscillator, giving you performance you want without extra cost. The emerald offers 4 independent channel outputs, 5ps delay resolution, a rep rate up 25MHz and 15 ps jitter. It has its own graphical user interface software for easy programming and can have Bluetooth networking added.

The 9520 Series: Modular Architecture, Precision Specifications

The 9520 series has the unique capability of offering differing rates for all the channels using new clock-divider functions, and provides up to eight independent digitally controlled channels with width, delay, rate, and amplitude control on each output. This instrument also offers a special modular architecture where each set of 2 channels can come in a variety of options including high voltage, low impedance or optical channels to offer maximum flexibility on a single unit. Its specifications feature 2, 4 or 8 output channels, 250ps timing resolution and less than 50ps jitter. There is also an optional rackmount for easy system integration.

The 8000 Series: Board Level Delay and Pulse Generators for Integration

Quantum Composers now provides board level digital delay pulse generators. The 8000 series board products retain all functionality of the standard pulse generators in an easy to integrate package. These boards provide a cost-effective method to create and synchronize multiple sequences, delayed triggering, or any precisely timed series of events. We offer computer interfaces for ease of programming and full integration support

The 9500+ Series: Cost Effective & Simple Programming

The Model 9500 Plus Series Digital Delay-Pulse Generator with 2, 4 or 8 independent outputs is designed to provide cutting edge, yet cost-e¬ffective solutions to generate and synchronize multiple pulses for a variety of applications. The delay and pulse width for each channel are independent and digitally controlled which makes the instrument ideal for situations that require synchronizing a number of di¬fferent events. Its specifications offer 1ns timing resolution and <50 ps RMS (Channel to Channel).

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