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9200+ Series 

Digital Delay Pulse Generator

The Sapphire Plus is an upgraded version of our standard Sapphire Pulse Generators. It can be purchased as a new instrument or customers may also field upgrade their existing sapphire units. With the Sapphire Plus, intruments will have better performance but still retain great value. These units are perfect for those on a budget but looking for more precise resolution and jitter.



  • Channels: 2 or 4 Independent Channel Outputs

  • Resolution: 5ns

  • Accuracy: 5ns + 0.0001 X (width and delay)

  • Jitter: < 50 ps RMS (Channel to Channel)

  • Memory: 6 Storage Slots

  • Comm Ports: USB, Bluetooth (Optional)


Service Features 
  • Rentals: Rental Instruments Available
  • Demo: 30 Day Demo Period
  • Warranty: Full 2 Year Warranty
  • Service: Integration Assistance, Full Customer Support.
9200 Sapphire pulse delay generator
9200 Pulse Generator
pulse delay generator
delay pulse generator
Pulse generator programming

  5ns Timing

 <50ps Jitter

  2 or 4 Outputs

  Modular Output Options

*Customization & OEM Available

9200+ Series Interactive View

Channels- 2-4 Fully Independent Channels
Compact- Easy programming via custom GUI Software
Timing-5ns Timing Resolution.
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