9530 Series 

Digital Delay Pulse Generator

Innovative approach to high-quality timing and synchronizing at affordable pricing. The 9530 Pulse Generator provides precision timing and synchronization to effectively trigger any series of events or necessary equipment with four or eight independent outputs, dual inputs with gate/trigger or optional dual trigger, and external clock reference input.The 9530 can accept a low amplitude clock frequency down to 20 mV, up to 100 MHz. This offers the ability to phase-lock directly to a laser photodiode signal, providing system timing synchronicity with the laser with very low jitter (< 50 ps). Complimentary Labview Drivers (NI certified) available.



  • Channels: 4 or 8 Independent Channel Outputs

  • Resolution: 250ps

  • Accuracy: 1 ns + .0001 x setpoint

  • Jitter: < 50 ps

  • Memory: 24 Storage Slots

  • Comm Ports: USB, Ethernet, RS232


Service Features 
  • Rentals: Rental Instruments Available
  • Demo: 30 Day Demo Period
  • Warranty: Full 2 Year Warranty
  • Service: Integration Assistance, Full Customer Support.
9530 Pulse Delay Generator
digital delay pulse generator
laser synchronizer 9530
9530 system synchronizer
9530-delay generator

  250ps Timing

 <50ps Jitter

  4, or 8 Outputs

  Modular Output Options

*Customization & OEM Available

9530 Series Interactive View

9530 Options

Copy of 9730-standard-current-delay-generator.png
  • (TZ50) 50Ohm Impedance Matched Channels

  • (DT15) Dual Trigger

  • (I) Pulse Increment Option

Available in 4 or 8 channels with channel options.
Rackmount- Ready for system integration
Timing-250ps Timing Resolution.