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8500 Series 

Board Level Pulse Generator

Quantum Composers now provides board level digital delay pulse generators. The 8500 series board products retain all functionality of the standard pulse generators in an easy to integrate package. These boards provide a cost-effective method to create and synchronize multiple sequences, delayed triggering, or any precisely timed series of events. We offer computer interfaces for ease of programming and full integration support.


Specifications: 8510 Series

  • Channels: 2, 4 or 8 Independent Channel Outputs

  • Resolution: 1ns

  • Accuracy: 1.5 ns + .0001 x setpoint

  • Jitter: < 400 ps

  • Memory: 12 Storage Slots

  • Comm Ports: USB, RS232, GPIB


Specifications: 8530 Series

  • Channels: 4 or 8 Independent Channel Outputs

  • Resolution: 250ps

  • Accuracy: 1 ns + .0001 x setpoint

  • Jitter: < 50 ps

  • Memory: 24 Storage Slots

  • Comm Ports: USB, Ethernet, RS232


Service Features 
  • Rentals: Rental Not Available For This Model
  • Warranty: Full 2 Year Warranty
  • Service: Integration Assistance, Full Customer Support.
8000 pulse generator boards
8530 Delay Generators Board Level
delay generator boards
board level pulse generator
9530 Board Level Pulse Generators

  1ns or 250 psTiming

 <400ps Jitter

  2, 4, or 8 Outputs

  Board level with optional power supply

*Customization & OEM Available

8530 Series Interactive View

Copy of 8530-standard-pulse-delay-generator.png
Channels- 2, 4 or 8 Fully Independent Channels
Board Level- Ready for Integration
Timing-1ns or 250ps Timing Resolution
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