1650 Series

Laser System Controller

In addition to providing complete control of the Laser Diode Driver, the 1640 laser system controller (LSC) includes features such as q-switch triggering, external triggering, sync output, and additional I/O signals.  The LSC is a cost-effective solution for controlling various laser system setups.

The LSC unit has additional connections for q-switch triggering, external triggering, sync output and additional I/O. The q-sw trigger has an adjustable delay referenced off the falling edge of the pulse control signal. This allows for optimum adjustment of triggering a q-switch driver. The external trigger input allows the LSC to be externally triggered via an external source. Rising and falling edges can be selected as well as various modes. The additional I/O connector offers additional signals: photodiode input, two thermistor inputs, a 0-10V analog output, a 0-5V analog input, and 3 TTL inputs that can be monitored.

  • 12 bit resolution on current setting
  • Single shot, continuous, burst and CW modes
  • Repetition rates from 0.1 Hz to 100 KHz (50KHz in Q-sw mode)
  • Q-switch Trigger –Delay control with +/-6.5ms adjustment range and 200ns resolution
  • Sync Output – referenced to diode or Q-switch control pulses
  • External Trigger - Start, stop, start/stop, gate and rising or falling edge modes
  • Additional I/O – photodiode, thermistor inputs and 0-10V analog output
  • 5 setup storage locations
  • Easy user interface for manual control and readout
  • Can be used with USB for remote computer control
  • Quick setup provides all the necessary adjustments and readouts
  • More controls for additional modules to your laser system
  • Multiple functions and parameters provide the potential for a number of modes of operation
  • Remote operation using GUI
  • Compatible with most Lumina Diode Drivers
  • Demo Units Available
  • Warranty: Full 2 Year Warranty
  • Service: Integration Assistance, Full Customer Support
200ns Resolution
RMS Jitter 1ns
2 Thermosistor Inputs
3 TTL Inputs

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