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1550 Series

Laser Diode Driver Controller (LDDC)

The model 1550 LDDC provides all the features needed to fully monitor and control various diode drivers on the market. The LDDC comes in a compact hand-held package that can be powered by an external supply (wall mount) or in some cases can be powered directly from the diode driver supply itself. The unit comes standard with a USB interface for computer control, an easy to read LCD display and a keypad with encoder for parameter adjustments. The interface to the diode driver is a standard density 15 pin d-sub connector.



  • RMS Jitter 1n

  • 100ns Resolution

  • 25ns Accurac

  • Burst shots from 1- 6553

  • 12 bit resolution on current settin

  • Repetition rates from 0.1 Hz to 100 KH

  • Adjustable pulse widths from 100 ns to 90 % of period

  • Single shot, continuous, burst and CW modes

  • 10 bit measurement resolution for compliance voltage and current monitor


1550 LDDC Advantages:

  • Allows remote computer control of your Lumina laser diode driver.

  • Can be integrated into your system as a board level option.

  • Gets you up and testing quickly and provides all the adjustment and readouts necessary.

  • Allows multiple setups to be saved and recalled for various experiments or for controlling different drivers with one unit.


Service Features 
  • Warranty: Full 2 Year Warranty
  • Service: Integration Assistance, Full Customer Support.
1550 Laser Diode Driver Controller LDDC

 100ns Resolution

 RMS Jitter 1ns

  25ns Accuracy

 1-6553 Burst Shots

*Customization & OEM Available

1550 LDDC Interactive View

Copy of Controller-lddc-standard.png
Jitter- RMS Jitter 1n
Resolution- 100ns
Accuracy- 25ns Accuracy
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