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Bozeman, MT. Est 1993


Quantum Composers Instruments
A Leading Manufacturer of Lasers, Pulse Generators and Laser Technology

  • Pulse, Delay & Current Generators

    Providing innovation and value to our customers, our diverse family of Precision Pulse Generators has been created to fit the needs of any budget and application.

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  • Lasers & Micro-Machining Laser Systems

    We hold expertise in developing complex laser systems as well as individual lasers and laser beam manipulation modules for both medical and industrial applications.

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  • Custom, OEM and Systems

    Over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom electronics allows us to produce OEM, custom and full laser systems to meet your needs.

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Our Product Lines


    The MIR series are diode pumped solid state lasers that deliver >1 mJ, <10 ns pulses with factory-selectable infrared wavelengths from 1.5 microns to 4 microns. These Mid-IR Lasers were created with the new SOPO (Stable Optical Parametric Oscillator) technology and feature a small form factor combined with robust components to create a laser with a high output energy and reduced shot-to-shot energy jitter. Typical shot-to-shot energy fluctuation is less than 0.5% RMS of the mean pulse energy.

    Quantum Composers is a leading manufacturer of Digital Delay Pulse Generator, DPSS Lasers and Laser Technology. We offer a full suite of pulse generators, lasers and laser instruments designed to meet the needs of any application and have a team of design engineers who specialize in custom and OEM development.

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