The 9520 series has the unique capability of offering differing rates for all the channels using new clock-divider functions, and provides up to eight independent digitally controlled channels with width, delay, rate, and amplitude control on
each output.


Special models with split channels (sets of 2) or optical inputs are available by email or phone order. 



  • Channels: 2, 4 or 8 Independent Channel Outputs
  • Resolution: 250ps
  • Accuracy: 1 ns + .0001 x setpoint
  • Jitter: < 50 ps
  • Memory: 12 Storage Slots
  • Comm Ports: USB, Ethernet, RS232, GPIB

9520 Series Delay Pulse Generator

SKU: 9520
  • 9520 Digital Delay Pulse Generators are commercially available with a standard lead time of 7 business days. Email us for special models, OEM, or custom instruments.