This is for an upgrade for the 4-channel 9200 (9214) series pulse generator to a plus version 4-channel 9200+ (9214+) pulse generator. 


Upgrade Offers:

  • Delay and Width resolution improves from 10ns to 5ns
  • Rate resolution/accuracy improves from 10ns to 5ns
  • Increased rep rate goes from 5Mhz to 20Mhz
  • Additional system output mode for duty cycle number of cycle counts
  • Additional virtual channels (double existing)
  • System/pulse counter
  • Additional trigger input burst mode.
  • Additional trigger input duty cycle mode.
  • Synchronous Updating.
  • External trigger rate of 20MHz.
  • External trigger Re-Arm function

9214 Upgrade, 4-channel (From 9214 to 9214+)