• Quantum Composers Inc.

Three laser applications that are well-suited for the MiniJewel Laser System

With the launch of our new MiniJewel Laser System, enterprises and organizations are enabled to do more with their applications. Our system incorporates our commercially available MiniJewel laser, with modules that allow for customization to individual application. One of the benefits of the MiniJewel is its compact size. More and more, system engineers are looking for compact laser systems that do not compromise energy. This innovative, compact laser system has a small footprint (140mm x 87mm x 233mm), weighs less than 3.5kg, and is easily customizable. They have an energy of 4mJ at its fundamental output of 1064nm and can be supplemented with optional nonlinear modules for 1064/532nm, 532/355nm or 355/266nm. With its small form factor, it is ideal for mounting to microscopes. Our system comes with modules that will allow the user to control, with our software: energy, firing mode, and frequency. Module options include an X-Y aperture, polarization rotator, camera ports, and a stand-alone smart controller.