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MiniJewel System

The MiniJewel System is a compact, multiwavelength imaging system with a choice of wavelengths and modules for complete beam control, using our MiniJewel laser. The fundamental output is 1064, with optional nonlinear modules for 1064/532, 532/355 or 532/266. 

MiniJewel systems are perfect for setting on top of microscopes; small, compact, and easy to customize. You can build a system to suit your needs, using the many modules and options available.

Applications include Microablation, Machining, Marking, and more.


System Features: Multi-Wavelength Systems, Wavelength Attenuation, Fixed or Adjustable Polarization, Beam Blending and Camera Port (optional). 

MiniJewel Laser Specifications

MJS Spec1.png
MJS Spec2.png

MiniJewel System

sitting on a microscope

using our
Smart Controller.

MJS SW.png

MiniJewel Laser Application for easy integration and use of controlling the system via USB.

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