9520 Incrementing Feature

Appendix H -Increment Mode

Using the Increment System Mode
The System Increment modes are a pair of special modes, which allow the delay and width of each channel to be incremented at the end of a burst of pulses. Each channel is independent and each may be set with different initial values and different values for the step size for both the delay and the pulse width.

There are two incrementing modes,Increment and DC Increment. In the Incre-ment mode, each start command or external trigger produces a burst of pulses. At the end of the burst the appropriate delays and pulse widths are incremented and the instrument is armed for the next start command. In the DC Increment (Duty Cycle) mode the output is starting as with the normal duty cycle mode. At the end of each cycle the delays and pulse widths are incremented. This contin-ues for the number of cycles defined by the Cycles parameter. The modes are selected from the system mode menu. The step sizes are specified in the channel menus.

Function-CLR Pressing the ‘FUNCTION’ key then ‘CLR’ initializes the increment
parameters and resets the delays and pulse widths to their initial conditions.
This must be pressed after setting all the step parameters, but
before generating any pulses.

-1.00s to 1.00s Width Minimum
Step 10ns (-10ns) Width Step
Resolution 250ps Width
Incremented Range 10,000s
Delay Step Size -100ms to 100ms
Delay Minimum Step 10ns (-10ns)
Delay Step Resolution 250ps Delay
Incremented Range 10,000s
Note: Any increment value between -10ns and 10ns will disable the
increment function for that parameter.
Update Rate 10μs + 30μs per active channel
(1 Ch @ 25 kHz to 8 Ch @ 4 kHz)

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