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Quantum Composers inc. has release our latest
generation instrument in the field of pyrotechnics
development and testing, the model 9730 series.

The pyrotechnics markets that require such a device are: Aerospace, Propulsion, Defense, and Automotive Safety (airbags). All of these fields use a small device known as an initiator or igniter containing a pyrotechnic material used primarily to ignite other, more difficult to ignite materials, e.g. thermites, gas generators, and solid-fuel rockets.

Pyrotechnic initiators are often controlled electrically (called electro-pyrotechnic initiators), e.g. using a heated bridgewire or a bridge resistor. Customers who use or produce these devices require a current generator (also known as a “fireset”) for quality testing and development. Our model 9730 series fulfils this requirement and is the most advanced instrument designed specifically for this application in the

Images of Pyrotechnic Initiators

Automotive Safety:
 Quality Control of Initiators and Inflators
o All-Fire and No-Fire test
 Batch quality test to make sure the devices work properly
 Start airbag inflator modules
o Used in interior panel and crash sled testing

Defense / Aerospace / Propulsion:
 Statistical quality analysis of manufactured initiators
 Detonating explosive bolts
 Detonating warheads

  • Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 January 2014
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