9730 New Features

Model 9730 Feature Additions

Scientific notation entry:

The 9730 Series has the ability to use modified scientific notation as a form of entry using the keypad. The width, delay, and rate of a pulse can now be entered in
milliseconds, microseconds, or nanoseconds. To enter values using scientific notation first place the cursor on the desired parameter. The scientific notation entry only works with width, delay, and rate. Type in the value as whole numbers then press the “FUNC” button. When the “FUNC” button is pressed “e-” will appear on the screen. Enter 3 for milliseconds, 6 for microseconds, or 9 for nanoseconds. As an example, to enter 45 microseconds simply press 4, 5, “FUNC”, 6, and then enter.

Counter function

The 9730 Series has a shot counter as a standard feature. The counter function allows for the user to count either the number of internal shots or the number of shots due to external stimulus such as trigger inputs. The counter can be accessed under the Auxiliary 1 menu on the 9520 by pressing “FUNC” then the number “2” button. This function can either be enabled or disabled.

  • Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 January 2014
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