Motorized Aperture Module

The X-Y Theta Aperture Module is a motorized device designed to control laser beam size and shape for applications requiring precise patterning.

Many applications demand a specific size and shape of the working laser beam. Our mo­torized slit apertures can provide a square beam that controls the X-axis, Y-axis, & Theta rotation. Standard X and Y ranges are from 0 to 2.5 mm with 90 degree theta rotation; however, larger slit sizes can be accommodated. All movements of our slit are completed in less than 1 second, providing slit solutions at production speeds.

Please contact us to receive a quick quote or to outline your application if our commercial products do not exactly fit your needs. We can discuss customized solutions for you.


  • Input
    Beam Height 60 mm (other configurations upon request)
    Fluence 10 J/cm2 max
    Diameter 3.6 mm min (beam must fill maximum slit)

    X, Y
    Range 0 – 2.5 mm
    Resolution 1.0 % (25 um)
    Accuracy +/-(25 um + .01 * position)
    Speed < 1.0 s full range of travel

    Range +/– 45 degrees from horizontal
    Resolution 1.1 % (.50 degrees)
    Accuracy +/- (1 degree + .01*theta)
    Speed < 1.0 s full range of travel

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